Linking policy, research and practice

I am able to provide consultancy to a diverse range of organisations. My consultancy/advisory roles have included work with:

  • Drug and Alcohol Action Teams e.g. developing strategies for 'Reducing Drug Related Deaths', agreeing prescribing practice guidelines with commissioners and providers, needs assessment
  • The National Treatment Agency, England
  • The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction
  • The Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • The Beckley Foundation
  • Forward Thinking on Drugs
  • Population Services International

Within any consultancy I am primarily concerned to enable organisations to draw on best evidence and develop their work in ways that are likely to deliver concrete benefits to the population or audience with which it works.

I am as interested in work that addresses the detail of service provision in a small locality within a DAAT as I am in the the broadest international perspectives, as I believe that a good appreciation of micro-level practice and policy strengthens our understanding of the macro level (and vice versa).